yarrr package guide

Nathaniel Phillips (yarrr.book@gmail.com)


YaRrr! The pirate’s guide to R

This package contains data, functions, and other random files for the e-book YaRrr! The pirate’s guide to R. You can access the latest version of the book at www.thepiratesguidetor.com.


To see guides for the main functions, click one of the following links:



The pirateplot() function creates a pirateplot

pirateplot(formula = weight ~ Time,
           data = ChickWeight,
           main = "Chicken weights by Time (week)")


The piratepal() function returns different color palettes either created by graphic designers, or inspired by random things I have found around my office piratepal("espresso"), or horror movies piratepal("evildead)". Here are all of the palettes:


You can then use specific palettes in your plots by specifying the named palette. I’ll create a scatterplot using the google palette with piratepal('google', trans = .5):

my.cols <- piratepal(palette = "google",  
                     trans = .5)

set.seed(100) # For reproducibility
x <- rnorm(100)
y <- x + rnorm(100)

plot(x = x, y = y, col =  my.cols,
     pch = 16,
     cex = runif(100, min = 0, max = 2),
     main = "piratepal('google', trans = .5)")


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, write me at yarrr.book@gmail.com