Checklist for CRAN submissions

Please always read the CRAN policies first. This document gives some additional hints for a useful CRAN submission, especially for new submissions.

Unless there are good reasons, packages submitted to CRAN are expected to pass R CMD check --as-cran, and you will be asked to fix and resubmit your package if it gives warnings or significant notes. To avoid this, you should run R CMD check --as-cran yourself with a current development version of R before submitting to CRAN.

You can use the following web services to supplement your own tests:

In addition to the automated checks, we expect package authors to follow good practices that make their package more accessible and useful to the wider R community.

The most important way to do this is to write an informative entry in the Description field in the DESCRIPTION file (see the relevant section of the Writing R Extensions manual). The Title and Description fields are shown at the top of the CRAN landing page for the package, and should therefore be written with care.