stacks 1.0.4

stacks 1.0.3

stacks 1.0.2

stacks 1.0.1

stacks 1.0.0

stacks 1.0.0 is the first production release of the package. While this release includes only a few minor bug fixes, it’s accompanied by a white paper recently published in the Journal of Open Source software. You can read that paper here!

This release:

stacks 0.2.4 (GitHub only)

This is a GitHub-only release and does not change package source code. This update includes a data-raw/paper subdirectory containing source for a contributed paper to the Journal of Open Source Software.

stacks 0.2.3

stacks 0.2.2

stacks 0.2.1

stacks 0.2.0

Breaking changes

This release of the package changes some elements of the internal structure of model stacks. As such, model stacks stored as saved objects will need to be regenerated before predicting, plotting, printing, etc.

New features

Bug fixes

Miscellaneous improvements

stacks 0.1.0

Initial release!