rintimg: View Images on Full Screen in 'RMarkdown' Documents and 'shiny' Applications

Allows the user to view an image in full screen when clicking on it in 'RMarkdown' documents and 'shiny' applications. The package relies on the 'JavaScript' library 'intense-images'. See <https://tholman.com/intense-images/> for more information.

Version: 0.1.0
Imports: htmltools, glue
Published: 2020-09-30
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.rintimg
Author: Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden [aut, cre], Tim Holman [ctb, cph] (intense-images.js library developer)
Maintainer: Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden <ihaddaden.fodeil at gmail.com>
BugReports: https://github.com/feddelegrand7/rintimg/issues
License: MIT + file LICENSE
URL: https://github.com/feddelegrand7/rintimg
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: README
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Reference manual: rintimg.pdf


Package source: rintimg_0.1.0.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel: rintimg_0.1.0.zip, r-release: rintimg_0.1.0.zip, r-oldrel: rintimg_0.1.0.zip
macOS binaries: r-release (arm64): rintimg_0.1.0.tgz, r-oldrel (arm64): rintimg_0.1.0.tgz, r-release (x86_64): rintimg_0.1.0.tgz, r-oldrel (x86_64): rintimg_0.1.0.tgz


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