easycsv 1.0.2 09/08/2017

easycsv 1.0.3 10/08/2017

easycsv 1.0.5 19/08/2017

*added Identify.OS and choose_dir, as utility functions. meaning that even for Mac OSX and Linux users if the local directory in functions is not entered you can choose it interactively through a popup widget window.

easycsv 1.0.6 30/11/2017

*adde fread_zip which is the fread version of loadcsvfromZIP, also added a prefix option for fread_folder and fread_zip, accepts only strings of length 1.

easycsv 1.0.7 23/01/2018

easycsv 1.0.8 27/04/2018