12th April 2021

‘Akmedoids’ package updated (Version: v1.3.0)


  1. Added 4 new sample datasets, and used in the function examples. The datasets include clustr, simulated, TO1Risk, traj_w_space.
  2. Added detailed descriptions of fields in each dataset. See format section of each dataset documentation.
  3. Change the citation Adepeju et al. 2019 to Adepeju et al. 2021 based on the newly published article upon which the akmedoids package is based.
  4. Modified the names of some functions, e.g. akmedoids.clust changed to akclustr, statPrint changed to print_akstats, population changed to popl.
  5. Added two new functions, namely; remove_rows_n, plot_akstats (see the documentation for details)
  6. Ensured that the names of functions are in lower cases, e.g. dataImputation changed to data_imputation, outlierDetect changed to outlier_detect, etc.
  7. Modify example in ‘elbow_point’ function to reduce run time

Your faithfully. Monsuru.