Haghish, E. F. (2022). adjROC: Computing Sensitivity at a Fix Value of Specificity and Vice Versa [Computer software]. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=adjROC.

adjROC: ROC Curve Evaluation at a Given Threshold

CRAN version

adjROC is an R package for computing adjusted sensitivity and specificity at particular thresholds. There are methods for estimating the best balance betwen sensitivity and specificity. However, in clinical settings, there might be an interest in calculating the sensitivity based on a particular fixed value of specificity or in contrast, calculating specificity for a particular value of sensitivity which is of interest.

For a screening test, specificity of 0.95 might be too high and lower values of specificity may also be acceptable. In another settings, researchers might wish to know the mount of specificity, while keeping sensitivity high. And finally, in some situations, a roughly equal value might be desired. Depending on the application, adjROC package allows users to calculate:

and on top of these, it can also visualize the curves and the selected cutoff threshold.