SOLVEr Suite for Alkalinity-PH Equations

In 2013, Guy Munhoven at Université de Liège, in Belgium, developped this solver in FORTRAN 90, as is presented in his paper:

In 2020, J.M. Epitalon, on order from J.P Gattuso, translated into a R package in order to be used by J.P. Gattuso’s package ‘seacarb’.

This program is provided free under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). It will be improved using the comments that I will receive. If you are new to R, please check the manuals and FAQs available on the R-project web site to get information on how to install R and the solveSAPHE package on your system. Please only report and comment on solveSAPHE, not on general problems related to R.

Briefly, after installing R and if you have an Internet connection, here is the simplest way to install solveSAPHE:

The solveSAPHE package can be downloaded from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN; see link below). The documentation is included in the package and is accessible using standard R commands. Please give due credit to the publications mentioned above and cite solveSAPHE as follows:

Munhoven G., Epitalon J.-M. solveSAPHE: SOLVEr Suite for Alkalinity-PH Equations. R package version 2.1.0.