Bahasa Malaysia NLP Package for R

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Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:


Or you can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Malay root words

There is a data frame of Malay root words that can be used as a dictionary:


# A tibble: 4,365 x 2
   `Col Word` `Root Word`
   <chr>      <chr>      
 1 ad         ada        
 2 ak         aku        
 3 akn        akan       
 4 ank        anak       
 5 ap         apa        
 6 awl        awal       
 7 bg         bagi       
 8 bkn        bukan      
 9 blm        belum      
10 bnjr       banjir     
# ... with 4,355 more rows

Stem Malay words

stem_malay() will find the root words in a dictionary, in which the malayrootwords data frame can be used, then it will remove “extra suffix”“,”prefix" and lastly “suffix”

To stem word “banyaknya”. It will return a data frame with the word “banyaknya” and the stemmed word “banyak”:

Note: In the development version, ‘Root Word’ is now returned instead of ‘root_word’

stem_malay(word = "banyaknya", dictionary = malayrootwords)

'Root Word' is now returned instead of 'root_word'
   Col Word Root Word
1 banyaknya    banyak

To stem words in a data frame:

  1. Specify the data frame
  2. Specify the dictionary
  3. Specify the column that needs to be stemmed
x <- data.frame(text = c("banyaknya","sangat","terkedu", "pengetahuan"))

stem_malay(word = x, 
          dictionary = malayrootwords, 
          col_feature1 = "text")
'Root Word' is now returned instead of 'root_word'
     Col Word Root Word
1   banyaknya    banyak
2      sangat    sangat
3     terkedu      kedu
4 pengetahuan      tahu

Remove URLs

remove_url will remove all urls found in a string

x <- c("test", "another one to try")


[1] "test "               "another one  to try"

Malay stop words

In the development version, there is a data frame of Malay stop words:

# A tibble: 512 x 1
 1 ada      
 2 sampai   
 3 sana     
 4 itu      
 5 sangat   
 6 saya     
 7 jadi     
 8 se       
 9 agak     
10 jangan   
# ... with 502 more rows

Report a bug

To report a bug, please file an issue on Github

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